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【Summary Description】The second China International Consumer Goods Expo (hereinafter referred to as the Consumer Expo) was held as scheduled, with more than 1600 brands from 61 countries and regions gathered for the "Hainan Convention".

The second China International Consumer Goods Expo (hereinafter referred to as the Consumer Expo) was held as scheduled, with more than 1600 brands from 61 countries and regions gathered for the "Hainan Convention".

On July 25th, with blue sea, blue sky, and coconut breeze, the newly decorated Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center opened to welcome guests from all over the world. As a "world dining table" and a cultural province, Henan has also prepared a rich "feast".

This time, Henan Pavilion has applied for a 200 square meter exhibition space, and among 56 registered enterprises, 26 famous, special, and new enterprises have been selected to participate in the exhibition. The main characteristics of the recommended enterprises are as follows: Firstly, they exhibit Henan characteristics and recommend high-quality food processing enterprises. Enterprises take this platform to bring many new products, highlighting the advantages of Henan's agriculture and agricultural product processing; The second is to explore exports and display Henan's high value-added export commodities.


Consumer Expo Top Grade "Yuweier"

Eating in Henan

Relying on industrial advantages to develop tea seed oil

"The people take food as their priority, and food takes oil as their priority.". Xinyang Maojian believes that everyone is familiar with the oil with a fresh tea flavor. Would you like to try it?

In order to increase the amount of Chinese oil in the "oil bottle" and get rid of the dependence on imported oil crops, Xinyang Songrun Tea Oil Co., Ltd. has developed and produced "Luofuji" tea seed oil, which directly drives the employment of local farmers and indirectly increases the income of surrounding tea farmers.


Consumer Expo Top Grade "Yuweier"

According to Luo Guangzhi, the person in charge of the enterprise, the company initially took shape in 2001, starting from being an exporter of high-quality tea seeds (camellia oleifera seeds, tea seeds) in the Dabie Mountains, and gradually expanding to the intensive processing of tea seeds. It has now developed into an enterprise integrating the research, development, production, supply, and sales of original fragrant tea oil (camellia oleifera seeds oil, tea seeds oil). After participating in the exhibition last year, the company added 20 to 30 customers, mainly family based customers. It is hoped that through the platform of the Consumer Expo, the company will explore the potential for wider and deeper international cooperation.

Used in Henan

A carpet sells for 180000 yuan

At the Henan Exhibition Hall, a carpet with a width of 2.74 meters and a length of 3.66 meters is quite eye-catching, as well as customers' on-site experience of foot feeling. It is understood that this carpet was woven by two people in over two years and sold for 180000 yuan.


Consumer Expo Top Grade "Yuweier"


Meng Zeqiang, Chairman of Henan Xinxing Crafts Import and Export Co., Ltd., introduced that their products were "snapped up" at the first Consumer Expo, and this year they brought nearly 2 million yuan of silk blankets. The most expensive silk blankets are all hand sewn, each worth 180000 yuan.

New in Henan

When yam meets coffee

Have you ever tasted "Chinese Western combination" coffee such as hawthorn American style, longan latte, and oatmeal latte?

Sub health has gradually become a topic that young people cannot escape. In order to combat middle-aged anxiety, this group of young people with increasingly thinning hair began to think about "health preservation".

"Fancy regimen" has gradually become a new consumption opportunity from a joke.

The time-honored "Huaishan Hall" in the Henan Pavilion has also made cross-border and innovative efforts to introduce "yam coffee", attempting to interpret the traditional concept of homology between medicine and food in a popular way.

Liu Yanbin, Strategic Planning Department of Huaishantang, introduced that this is a newly created coffee suitable for young people based on yams. It is easy to carry, can be brewed with water, and is suitable for people who often stay up late to drink. It has the effects of strengthening the spleen, nourishing the stomach, and refreshing the brain.


Consumer Expo Top Grade "Yuweier"


Know in Henan

Send out Henan products

Henan Provincial Department of Commerce second inspector Fei Quanfa said, in addition to actively organize enterprises to participate in the consumer Expo, they will also do a good job of professional buyers organization. "We invite precise suppliers for the commercial complex in the province, collect purchasing intention, timely forward the exhibitor list of the Consumer Expo, do a good job of buyers and exhibitors before the exhibition docking activities, organize more than 100 buyers to participate in."

He hopes to achieve three goals through the Expo: one is to send Henan's products out, hoping that high-quality products can attract buyers and agents from all over the world; Second, we should bring back high-quality and inexpensive products suitable for Henan market, so that Henan consumers can not only afford, but also have access to meet the diversified needs of consumers. The third is to promote Henan's foreign cultural, economic and trade exchanges through the platform of the Consumer Expo. "The export is not only commodities, but also culture. I hope more people can know Henan, understand Henan, enter Henan and take root in Henan."

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