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Why can Huaishantang pass down its century-old business?

The Kang family in Heluo Area, with the ambition of earning the wealth of the world, started its business in the Ming Dynasty, gradually prospered in the early Qing Dynasty, and entered its heyday in the reign of Qianlong. The Business spanned the three historical periods of the Ming, Qing and Republic of China, making the twelve generations rich for more than 400 years. It is rich in Henan, Shandong and Shaanxi provinces. Ships traveled in the six rivers of Luo, Huang, Yun, Yi, Jing and Wei. The Kang family had thousands of hectares of fertile land and wealth is beyond count.

In 1773, Kang Yusheng, the 10th generation of the Kang family in Heluo Area, moved to Leng Village in the southwest of Huaiqing Prefecture (now Leng Village in the southwest of Wen County, Jiaozuo city) with his family, was committed to planting and processing of Huai medicine, and founded a firm titled "Huaishantang".

Kang Jinlu, Kang Yusheng's son, was intelligent and good at research. He was better than his father in planting management and processing technology. In just a few years, he was renowned and attracted many businessmen from all over the country. The medicine processed by him was selected by the local government as a tribute to the royal family every year. The reputation of Huaishantang became more and more widely spread, and it was deemed as a family of Huai medicine and the model of Henan merchants. Gradually, Huaishantang operated its business in Beijing, Hebei, Shandong, Hubei, Hunan, Guangdong and other places, and established branches in many places, such as "Heng Chang De" and "Lin Xing Jiu" and others, which also enjoyed a good reputation in the field of Huai medicine.

Today, with a history of 248 years, the Huaishantang brand has been a time-honored brand in Henan and a self-owned brand in China. The eighth generation inheritor of Huaishantang is Kang Mingxuan. Generations of inheritors of the Kang family have always adhered to the ancestral motto of "leave adequate leeway“ and the business purpose of honesty and trustworthiness, and fair operation. At the same time, they have always adhered to the traditional processing skills of traditional Chinese medicine, and produce fine yam with the craftsman spirit.


Company Profile


After the Reform and Opening up, Kang Mingxuan, the eighth generation inheritor of Huaishantang and the eighteenth generation of Kang Baiwan family, determined to revitalize Huaishantang and set up Huaishantang Co., Ltd. Based on the advantages of the hometown to Huai medicine, the Company is committed to the inheritance and promotion of health care with Huai medicine based on the characteristics of Tiegun yam. Through standardized planting, brand leading, scientific and technological innovation and other measures, using modern technology and the intangible heritage inheritance of the four major Huaiqing medicines and professional processing techniques of Huai yam, the Company has successively developed a series of products represented by Huai yam, such as Huaishantang Tiegun yam powder, and "yam+" full-life cycle dietary regimen products for different ages, gender and health needs and takes a lead in healthy dietary regimen of yam.

At present, Huaishantang has developed into a whole industry chain enterprise integrating R&D, planting, processing and sales of the four major Huaiqing medicines The Company is an enterprise unit that drafted and formulated national standards of four major Huaiqing medicines, a key enterprise of the TCM modernization science and technology industry project, an excellent leading enterprise in the industrialization of agriculture in Henan Province, and an honest private enterprise in Henan Province. On September 8, 2008, Hu Jintao, former General Secretary of CPC Central Committee, visited the standardized planting base of the Company's Tiegun brand yam. In November 2016, Huaishantang officially listed on the "NEEQ" board, becoming the first listed company in the yam industry.

In September 2017, Huaishantang’s advertisement on CCTV was popular among audience; in 2018, Huaishantang launched the nationwide spleen and stomach health project; in 2019, Huaishantang started transformation and upgrading; in 2020, Huaishantang positioned itself as a yam professional health education service operator and upgraded and launched the "time aging" series of Huai yam powder; in 2021, Huaishantang built 12-grain healthy dietary regimen for the whole life cycle, and launched the "yam+" series of dietary regimen service programs for the whole life cycle, including Huaiyou, apregnancy dietary regimen program, Yuerhao and Erexiaole, children's growth dietary regimen programs, Jiyi, an adolescence dietary regimen program, Nuannuan Jia, a menstrual dietary regimen program, Jueshi Fenghua, a youth beauty dietary regimen program, Keep the Root and Roots of Life, men's energy dietary regimen programs, Rumengling , a sleep dietary regimen program, Neisheng a hair dietary regimen program, Sanjie No. 1, a dietary regimen program for people with poor blood flow, Chuangneng Dongli, a dietary regimen program for people with fatigue and discomfort, and Jiemi, a dietary regimen program for those with difficulty in defecation.


Company Profile


Huaishantang adheres to the ancestral precept of “leave adequate leeway”, inherits the thousand-year dietary regimen and the century-old intangible cultural heritage skills, innovates the four-season dietary regimen product service system, and carries forward the thousand-year Huai medicine culture, to communicate the century-old ingenuity spirit, boost the Healthy China Initiative, and serve modern good life with the mode of "professional dietary regimen + health education + health tourism".


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