Product concept

On what account has Huaishantang been imitated and never surpassed?

As a time-established brand with a history of more than 240 years, Huaishantang adheres to the food and nutrition concept of "working hard to cure no disease". While inheriting the Huaiyao culture and inheriting the processing technique of Huaiyao, Huaishantang gives full play to the food and nutrition value of Huaiyao, from the original fresh yam to the ready-to-eat yam opened in a bag, and then to the iron stick yam powder and yam compound powder. Chinese yam Food and nutrition 5.0 and the whole life cycle food and nutrition program, Huaishantang advanced food and nutrition concept and continuously rich and diversified food and nutrition products, promote industrial upgrading, ensure Huaishantang Huaiyao health industry leading position!

What is Yam Food Nourishing 5.0?

Huai Shan Tang "Time aging" series Huai Yam powder

"True origin × standard planting × natural aging × intangible heritage technology × patented technology" = Yam Food culture version 5.0

What is a life-cycle feeding regimen?

Huai Shan Tang created the theoretical system of health Management of the whole life Cycle of the Five Scindents of Life, and formulated the ideal state of life of "good birth, good education, long life, fewer diseases, and safe walking". Combined with the concept of "eight as the cycle for men and seven as the cycle for women" in Huangdi Neijing, Huai Shan Tang subdivided the health problems easily encountered at different ages and constructed the twelve grains of healthy food and nutrition program. The whole life cycle feeding program.

Product concept

Time Aging Seris

With ingenuity and time, we will open the era of Yam Food cultivation 5.0. With the precipitation of years and time, we will respect the natural nature of local species with the skill of intangible cultural heritage, and create a quality life of healthy food cultivation

Full Life Cycle Series

According to the theory of human health life cycle, the system of twelve healthy products is established
Create a healthy eating plan for the whole family

Gift Series

Parents gift and home gift, healthy gift to send parents
And family gift health gift, family happiness preferred gift

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Yam Miscellaneous Grains Series

Huaishantang Tiegun yam
Every root has a national standard, and every copy has quality assurance

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