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Kang Mingxuan, an inheritor of intangible cultural heritage, possesses ambitions and dreams of making intangible cultural heritage flourish!

Kang Mingxuan, the eighth generation inheritor of Huaishantang and the 18th generation descendant of the Kang Baiwan family, interprets his name as "a man who works day and night for human health", and sticks to it as his life orientation. He has been engaged in the health industry for 30 years, and he will work for another 30 years or 50 years.


Introduction to Kang Mingxuan:Personal Profile  

Born in a Huai merchant family, the eighteenth generation descendant of the Kang Baiwan family

Provincial representative inheritor of National intangible cultural heritage project( planting and processing of four major Huaiqing medicines)

Vice president of the Professional Committee of Health for the Elderly of the China National Health Association

Vice president of Science and Technology Innovation Branch of Chinese Aging Well Association

Vice president of the Spleen and Stomach Health Branch of Guangdong Health Association

Visiting Professor of the Business School of the Chinese Academy of Management Sciences and member of Great Power Pharmaceutical Think Tank

Senior researcher of Institute of Enterprise Management Innovation, Chinese Academy of Management Sciences

Disciple of Chinese medicine master Li Diangui

Founding president of Henan Time-honored Brands Association

Founder of Tiegun yam

Outstanding Entrepreneur of Agricultural Industrialization in Henan Province

Prominent Figure in the Pharmaceutical Industry of Henan Province

Leader of development of traditional Chinese medicine industry of the top 10 counties in Henan Province in 2020

Former president, and current vice president of Jiaozuo City Association of Huai-Yao

President of Huaishantang Biotechnology Co., Ltd


1. Ambitions of Huai medicine Family

Kang Mingxuan, male, born in October 1969, in Southwest Leng Village, Beileng Township, Wenxian County, Jiaozuo City, Henan Province. Currently, he acts as the president of Huaishantang Biotechnology Co., Ltd., the representative inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage project in Henan Province, and the vice president of Jiaozuo City Association of Huai-yao. He is the 18th generation descendant of the Kang family in Heluo Area and the 8th generation inheritor of Huaishantang.

Born in a family engaged in the processing of Huai medicines, Kang Mingxuan has been exposed to the planting and processing of Huai medicines since childhood, and has special feelings about such techniques. In 1981, when he was in middle school, he learned the planting and processing skills of Huai medicines from his father in his spare time. After several years of hard work, he had mastered the planting and processing skills of Huai medicines by the end of the 1990s.

As early as 1998, Kang Mingxuan began to study the planting, processing, identification, use for health care and other aspects of the four major Huaiqing medicines, and established the research base of the four major Huaiqing medicines. He widely collected the related items of the four major Huaiqing medicines as the basic display content of the intangible cultural heritage Museum of the four major Huaiqing medicines, and played a key role in communication, education and academic researches about these medicines. These basic works have improved the protection of the four major Huaiqing medicines, so that the endangered and important four major Huaiqing medicines and a group of inheritors have been effectively protected. Moreover, the awareness of cultural heritage protection in the whole society has been continuously improved.


The materials related to the planting and processing techniques of traditional Chinese medicines preserved by Kang Mingxuan include:

1) Huai yam processing tool including sharpening knives, washboard, plucking board, roof board and pressure apparatus;

2) A yam scale with a history of a hundred years and weighing capacity of 150 jin (about 75 kg) was inlaid with the old firm name of Kangmingxuan’s ancestors;

3) Baskets, vats, boxes and other medicine containers that are essential for traditional processing methods.


Personal Profile


Kang Mingxuan's preserved materials on Huaiyao cultivation and processing techniques include:

2) Photos and videos of leaders at all levels inspecting Huaiyao base and enterprises;

3) Inscriptions and inscriptions by leaders at all levels concerned about the development of Huaiyao;

4) The text of the "National Standards for the Four Major Huai Medicines of Geographical Indications Products" that he participated in compiling;

5) Videos reflecting the traditional planting and processing techniques of the four major Huaiyao medicines;

6) Videos embodying the improved planting and processing techniques of the four major Huaiyao herbs.

When studying the four major Huai medicines, he found that the four major Huai medicines not only have rich planting and processing skills, but also have formed a unique Huai medicine culture, such as planting culture, processing culture, trade culture, and food culture. He conducted research on the types, quantities, status quo, and inheritors of the four major Huaiyao intangible cultural heritage, established archives, and provided decision-making basis for the protection of the four major Huaiyao intangible cultural heritage. In order to inherit and impart the intangible culture of the four major Huai Yao medicines, he has successively compiled papers and works such as "Huai Chrysanthemum Planting Technology and Application", "Tie Bang Huai Shan Yao Planting Technology and Application", and "The Necessity of Huai Yao Enterprises Doing a Good Job in Cultural Marketing". He has established a imparting base, which has been awarded the "Intangible Cultural Heritage Research Demonstration Base and Productive Protection Demonstration Base" by the Jiaozuo Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center.


2、 Inheritance and innovation of planting and processing technology

In his research, Kang Mingxuan found that the traditional way of planting yams takes time and effort to collect and dig, and causes great harm to the body. The traditional "four major Huai Yao planting and processing" process method is characterized by purely manual work, with prominent problems such as high workload and low efficiency, making it difficult to achieve standardization and large-scale promotion. Under the mechanized and modern production mode, the traditional "four major Huai medicine planting and processing" process urgently needs new innovation and breakthrough. After years of research and improvement, and on the basis of inheriting tradition, Kang Mingxuan's Huaiyao planting and processing techniques have the characteristics of being scientific, standardized, transforming the past into the present, and bringing forth the new. The Huaiyao planting technology developed and improved by Kang Mingxuan is suitable for large-scale mechanical operations. It not only improves labor efficiency during planting, but also reduces physical consumption during harvest, while avoiding the physical damage caused by traditional planting methods to harvesters during harvest. Its planting technology has been greatly welcomed by pharmaceutical farmers and has been promoted. The research and improvement of the Huaiyao processing technology have not only lost the meaning and efficacy of ancient methods, but also more in line with the requirements of modern society for environmental protection and physical health. Kang Mingxuan's skills with the characteristics of science, standardization, transforming the past into the present, and introducing new ideas are well reflected in the preparation of the "National Standards for the Four Major Huai Medicines of Geographical Indications Products".

On the basis of inheriting ancient methods, Kang Mingxuan focuses on scientific research and innovation of yam processing technology, and many innovative processes and methods have obtained national invention patents.

List of National Invention Patents for Yam Processing Technology Obtained by Kang Mingxuan

Date of announcement Handle projects Patent No
2010.1.20 A method for sulfur-free processing of yam ZL200610128279.7
2015.6.10 A reparation method for preparation method for yam and yellow rice wine ZL201210342524.X
2015.6.10 A reparation method for nutritional powder of Huai yam ZL201210342535.8
2016.5.11 A method for preparing Huai Rehmannia compound drink ZL201210342522.0
2016.11.30 A preparation method for Huai Yam beverage ZL201210342532.4


Kang Mingxuan's innovation and breakthrough in the cultivation and processing of Huaiyao have won widespread recognition and praise, and gradually made him a prominent figure in the field of Huaiyao.

In 2005, Kang Mingxuan participated in the preparation and formulation of the "National Standards for the Four Major Huai Drugs of Geographical Indication Products";

In 2006, due to his outstanding work in the research and development of four major Huaiyao dietary health products, he was elected as the fourth council member of Henan Food Industry Association; He was awarded as the exemplary individual of Jiaozuo's rural science popularization work because of his outstanding achievements in the standardized planting and processing technology promotion of the four major Huaiyao medicines; Exemplary individual of 2006 Intangible Cultural Heritage Project Application of Wenxian County;

In 2008, it won the second prize for research and application of high-quality and high-yield standardized cultivation techniques of Tiebang yam in Jiaozuo City; Appointed as a member of the Wen County Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Expert Committee;

In 2009, it was awarded the title of "Young Entrepreneurs in Henan Province"; Named by Jiaozuo Municipal Bureau of Culture as the representative inheritor of Jiaozuo Municipal Intangible Cultural Heritage Project;

In 2009, Kang Mingxuan and Wen County Agricultural Science Institute refined the original "chicken bone yam" and carefully cultivated the "iron stick" brand yam, which was protected by a registered trademark.

In 2010, he was elected President of Jiaozuo Huaiyao Association; On June 11, 2010, it was named as the representative inheritor of Henan Provincial Intangible Cultural Heritage Project by the Henan Provincial Department of Culture;

In 2017, he was appointed as a delegate to the 14th National People's Congress of Wen County. In 2012, Kangmingxuan changed the shortcomings of traditional sulfur fumigation methods. Sulfur-free processed yams can preserve more than 93% of the nutrients in them. Stir-fried yams with bran can make the product more potent and taste more fragrant and mellow. At the same time, taking advantage of the characteristics of yams that warm the spleen and stomach, fully considering the fast-paced life and dietary needs of modern people, following the ancient processing techniques, the iron stick yams are processed into iron stick yam powder

Iron stick yam compound powder, etc., largely preserves the nutrients of fresh yam, making it more convenient to eat yam and easier to absorb. The newly created category of yam powder has solved the trouble and trouble of people consuming yam, quickly opened the market, and led the Huaiyao industry to move towards a development direction of high added value and branding.

3、 The Dream of Huai Yao in the New Era

Standing at the historical node of the new era, Kang Mingxuan has further strengthened its direction in life: taking root in the Huai medicine industry and serving the health of all mankind.

Now, what Kang Mingxuan thinks, thinks, and does revolves around medication and health. From serving as the Vice President of the Aging Health Committee of the China National Health Association, to launching the National Spleen and Stomach Health Project, to developing Huaiyao health education courses, planning and establishing Huaiyao Museum and Huaiyao Health Care Base, creating Huaiyao Herbal Garden, and promoting the establishment of the National Shanyao Technology Innovation and Application Alliance, all of these are aimed at the health dream and Huaiyao sentiment in our hearts. In the era of healthy China strategy and rural revitalization strategy, as the eighth generation inheritor of Huaishan Tang, Kang Mingxuan vowed to inherit Huaishan Tang's century old brand for another 100 years. The short-term goal of Kang Mingxuan is to help 10 million families stay healthy for a hundred years, help achieve 50 million people's spleen and stomach health, drive 100000 farmers to achieve common prosperity, achieve 10 billion brand value, develop 2000 Chinese yam health ambassadors, and cultivate 1000 non genetic Huaiyao disciples in the next 10 years.

To achieve this goal, Huaishantang will rely on the east wind of the times, take root in its own resource advantages, adhere to the integrated development of the primary, secondary, and tertiary industries, and build the four major Huaiyao medicines, mainly Huaishanyao, into a modern traditional Chinese medicine agricultural industry chain that integrates scientific research, planting, processing, trade, cultural display, ecotourism, and educational services, reaching a value of 10 billion yuan.

The specific planning is as follows:

1. Specializing in the primary industry planting industry. Promote the upgrading and transformation of the standardized planting base of Huaishan Yam into Huaishan Yam Ecological Sightseeing Park, construct Huaishan Tang Herbal Garden, and develop ecological agriculture and tourism agriculture.

2. Refine the secondary industry processing and manufacturing industry. According to the traditional Chinese medicine theory of four seasons diet and classic compatibility theory, focusing on products with the same origin in medicine and food, we have developed four seasons healthy diet plans for different ages, regions, gender, occupation, and health status, promoting the upgrading of the Huai medicine industry, and benefiting the health of all mankind.

3. Strengthen the tertiary industry, culture and tourism service industry. Centering on the themes of Huaiyao Ecological Tour, Yellow River Cultural Tour, Huaiyao Cultural Tour, Huaiyao Industrial Tour, Health Care Leisure Tour, and Intangible Cultural Heritage Study Tour, we will build Huaiyao Museum and Huaiyao Health Care Experience Base, and strengthen the development of health care tourism market. Promote the creation of film and television works on Huaiyao culture and centennial brand stories, create theme blocks and cultural and creative products, promote Huaiyao culture and intangible cultural heritage skills through interactive experience, and drive the development of Huaiyao industry.

Ten year development goals of Huaishantang

Inherit for another 100 years, serve tens of millions of families, and drive thousands of people to create wealth!

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