Scenic Tourism

Appointment Process

Visit time

The scheduled reception time for tourists is 9:00-16:30 every day. Please leave the scenic area before 16:30. After the park is closed, the scenic area will undergo disinfection and cleaning work every day.

Appointment method

The scenic spot implements a phased advance phone reservation and real-name registration method for visiting. Please actively scan the health code and itinerary code when entering the park. The scenic spot will further improve the registration service for epidemic prevention information for special groups such as the elderly.

Notice for Admission

1. The scenic spot implements time-phased appointment and real-name registration. Tourists must cooperate with the staff at the entrance of the scenic spot to actively accept temperature measurements, health codes, itinerary cards, and other epidemic risk screening. Tourists with abnormal body temperature (body temperature ≥ 37.3 ℃), cough, shortness of breath, and other abnormalities are not allowed to enter the park. Personnel with a history of living in the county (city, district) where the medium and high risk area is located within 14 days, as well as other people designated as medium and high risk, must meet the health monitoring requirements until they leave the epidemic area for 14 days, and hold a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours before making an appointment to enter the scenic area;

During the epidemic prevention and control period, the scenic area adopts flow restriction measures, and the daily reception of tourists does not exceed 75% of the total carrying capacity. The daily reception of tourists will be adjusted based on the epidemic situation;

During the tour, you must comply with the management of the scenic spot and the guidelines for epidemic prevention and control, and achieve civilized tour. During the tour, you must wear a mask throughout the entire process, and maintain a distance of more than one meter from others;

4. The scenic spot is equipped with temporary isolation points (offices on the first floor of the office building). If tourists experience fever or physical discomfort, please contact the scenic spot staff in a timely manner, temporarily resettle nearby, and report and handle them in accordance with relevant regulations;

5. The visit arrangement of the scenic spot will be fine-tuned based on the actual reception situation, while ensuring the visit effect. In case of emergencies, please follow the arrangement of the scenic spot management personnel; If you have any questions, you can call the scenic spot service hotline at 0391-6420666.

Preschool children and primary school students must be accompanied by adults to enter the museum; The elderly and those with mobility difficulties must be accompanied by relatives and friends to enter the museum; Persons with disorderly clothing, mental illness, alcoholism, flammable, explosive, and dangerous goods, and pets are not allowed to enter the museum.

Smoking, using mobile phones, making noise, playing, and engaging in other things unrelated to the visit are prohibited in the exhibition hall of the park.

Visitors must take good care of environmental hygiene and prohibit spitting and littering. Take good care of cultural relics, exhibits, exhibition facilities, and other public service facilities. If there is any damage, compensation shall be made according to the price and corresponding legal responsibilities shall be borne.