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Thank You Letter - Wu Li


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【Summary Description】"For women, it is an eternal topic. Obviously, a flowering girl in her 20s looks like a middle-aged woman, with a waist circumference of 3 feet, menstrual disorders, and acne on her face. She does not eat much. Why did her weight increase from 110 pounds to 160 pounds? She has been running around major hospitals to lose weight and recuperate her body. Common sense and remedies have been on the path of seeking medical treatment, but later she ate more and more, and became more and more physically ill, becoming fatter and fatter."


It's an eternal topic for women

Ming Ming, a young flower girl in her 20s

But looks like a middle-aged woman

Waist circumference of 3 feet, menstrual disorder, face acne

Not much to eat

Why did your weight increase from 110 kg to 160 kg

Running through major hospitals to lose weight and recuperate

Common sense remedies have been on the way to finding a doctor

Later, as I ate more and more, I became more and more physically ill and became fatter

A chance encounter with Huaishantang yam powder

The product is particularly delicious without adding strong fragrance and smoothness

Suddenly attracted by the taste, insist on drinking every day

About a week after drinking

It's not like pulling whatever you eat before

The stomach and intestines are getting better and better. Sleep is getting better and there are fewer and fewer pimples

I also lost weight, saw the light, and doubled my confidence

Later, I learned about the effect of yam powder

It regulates the spleen and stomach, dispels dampness, and helps metabolism

The spleen is like a warehouse. The spleen is a custodian

If the custodian goes on strike, the work efficiency is slow

The warehouse will definitely burst

Got it Why don't you eat too much? Always

The reason for losing weight and getting fatter is the disharmony between the spleen and stomach

Thank you for the yam powder from Huai yam company

Make my spleen and stomach better and better

You have lost 30 pounds through conditioning+exercise

Energetic, confident, and thriving every day

I want to share yam powder with my friends, so that more and more people will not take the detour I have taken in terms of health. Stay away from drugs

Drug and food homology

Nurturing Nature in the Way of Nature


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