Huai Yam
Modern Research

"A Textual Study of the Names and Facts of Plants"

Huai yam "grows in Huaiqing Mountain and is white, thin, and solid, and can be used as medicine.".

"Materia Medica Justice"

Chinese yam can strengthen the spleen and replenish deficiency, nourish the essence and strengthen the kidney, treat various deficiencies and damages, and treat five pains and seven injuries.

"Records of Medieval Reference to the West"

The white color enters the lungs, the sweet taste returns to the spleen, and the concentrated liquid benefits the kidneys. It can nourish the blood vessels, absorb qi, soothe coughs, calm asthma, strengthen willpower and cultivate spirit. It can be taken frequently and in multiple doses if you have a peaceful nature.

"Ben Cao Fen Jing"

The taste is sweet and astringent. It can nourish the spleen and lungs, clear away heat due to deficiency, dissipate phlegm and saliva, consolidate the intestines and stomach, astringe essence and qi, and also benefit the kidney and strengthen yin, while helping the heart and qi.

"New Edition of Materia Medica"

It can also enter the spleen and stomach. It can cure various diseases, replenish qi and power, invigorate the orifices, benefit wisdom, and is especially good at stopping dream emission, strengthening the spleen and appetizing, stopping diarrhea and generating essence.

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